Why GoCashouts?
It's no secret that social media is everywhere. You, everyone you know, and overall 4 billion users around the world are using these platforms.
And all social media users have something to say about the products produced by big corporations. These big corporations want to hear back from you, to create better products and grow.
This is how both Facebook and Google earns money — they track what you search, your emails, your messages, what you like and dislike, and use that to understand your "thoughts", and sell that to advertisers who want to sell to you. In return, you get Gmail, Google Search, Facebook, WhatsApp and other platforms for “free”, while most of the profit going to them.
GoCashouts wants to change that!
We have developed an AI-based algorithm in the past 13 years to deliver 90%+ of this value that adertisers give directly to your hands, instead of Google and Facebook taking up that share.
This is the reason we are able to offer the highest payouts among competitors. Due to our smart algorithm, we operate at upto 8x efficiency compared to other networks - don't just take our word for it, go and check it.
So how does it all work?
You tell us your opinion by completing tasks and giving ratings.
Each “task” is an easy to complete instruction by one of our sponsor, to use their app or to complete their survey.
Your responses are then collected and shared with sponsors by our algorithm, who use it to develop features. Your private information is never shared.
If all instructions are correctly followed, our sponsors pay us, and we in turn pay you 90% of this amount — directly in your GoCashouts account. We use the other 10% to cover our operational costs.
Our AI algorithm also decides the best tasks for you, so that you can earn the highest profits in the least amount of time.
Our AI system gets better with time. When we started in 2006, tasked used to pay around 2$.
With the help of our 185,000+ happy members, our AI has improved and you will frequently find multiple tasks that pay $30-40.
This is the reason why we request you to invite your friends and family (and pay you for doing so). The larger the network, the higher everybody on the networks earns.
Our vision
We want to remove all private information that big technology platforms have about you, and want the real owner of that information (that's you) to get the real worth and value from it.
So join us, get your friends to join as well, and grow together!
As this happens, our algorithms will improve and we will offer better tasks with higher payouts. We look forward to you supporting us in our effort in creating a vibrant community that supports each other in earning.
You deserve to get paid for your opinion online. Don't wait!
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